The International EducationSchool of Guangzhou University/Wesleyan College of Guangzhou University was formed in May of 2019 when the strengths of the School of International Education and Wesleyan College of Guangzhou University were merged. This newly formed College implements one brand and two sets of management modes for two management systems under an integrated operation.

The College encompasses an operations office, international student affairs office, study abroad office,and a research and teaching Chinese as a foreign language office. Wesleyan College of Guangzhou University partners Guangzhou University with Wesleyan College to further develop and support women’s education through a cooperative model of awarding mutual credit and degrees. These female students are recruited through Guangzhou University.

The College serves as an important window for the internationalization of Guangzhou University. The international student affairs office is primarily responsible for the education, teaching and daily management of international students while the study abroad office manages student exchange programs. The Wesleyan College student exchange program is one of these student exchange programs founded upon a liberal arts education. This program approved in 2016 by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education is recognized as a "Guangdong Undergraduate College Teaching Quality and Teaching Reform Pilot College".

Playing an integral role in the opening-up reform policy of China, the College forges ahead through the "Guangzhou University International Students’ Belt and Road Scholarship” which provides generous scholarships and the best of educational services for international students. The College also actively cooperates with major activities of the National Hanban and the China Import and Export Fair which provide a wealth of learning and practical opportunities.

The College to date has established project partnerships with more than 100 universities and educational institutions in 22 countries and regions which include the Ivy League. The National Study Fund Committee and Guangzhou University’s Student Overseas Study Funding Project provide international students with unprecedented opportunities for learning and advancement.

Leading the internationalization of Guangzhou University, the College focuses on further developing overseas study programs in cooperation with “Belt and Road” countries. This development expands international exchange and cooperation, serves the needs of a high-level university, and contributes to the opening-up policy of China.