My Chinese name is Ālǐ. I am from the beautiful nation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Apart from Pakistan's natural beauty, the region holds significant strategic importance. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is located in the area bordering China and Pakistan and is an important part of the construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative. The people of China and Pakistan have been watching and helping each other. I listened to the stories of my grandparents, who witnessed the beginning of this great friendship. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan on May 21, 1951, the relations between the two countries have been very close and friendly. Over the past 15 years, I have been fortunate enough to witness the rapid progress made by China. The two words ”Pakistan Railway" perfectly summarize the friendship between China and Pakistan for more than 70 years. “Ba Tie 巴铁” is the steel friendship forged between the steel brothers, and it is the eternal ”Ba Tie".


The first time I landed at the Canton Airport, Guangzhou, China was the last week of August 2015. I started my journey as a Ph.D. student in China in September 2015 at Guangzhou University. Since, I have learned a little that time about China and China-Pakistan's friendship and brotherhood relation, which I learn in a subject of Pakistan studies in primary and high school. I have also learned about China through watching the Chinese movies, in which the celebrities Bruce Lee and Jet Lee have amazing and unbelievable skills in martial arts. I considered that Chinese people are very good at martial arts at that time. The culture is broad and profound. Due to the language barrier, I was a little uncomfortable in the first few days when I arrived in China. However, with the help of the School of International Education and my classmates, I successfully submitted the required documents. A few weeks before the start of school, it was a huge challenge for me to adapt to the environment of the university campus. There are many new things to learn, such as learning how to use WeChat, Alipay, Taobao, Jingdong, etc. These applications (Apps) surprised me and increased my interest in China. However, after only a few weeks, I gradually adapted to my new life in China.

2015 年 8 月的最后一周,是我第一次来到中国广州,航班抵达白云机场。9月,我在广州大学开始了我的博士学习之旅。在小学和中学的时候,从学习巴基斯坦研究科目中,我对中巴的兄弟情谊有了一些了解。通过看中国电影,其中李小龙和李连杰等人的武术令人惊叹,令人难以置信,我认为中国的武术文化博大精深。由于语言障碍,刚到中国的那几天,我有点不适应。但是,在国际教育学院同学们的帮助下,我成功地提交了入学所需的文件。开学前几周,适应大学校园的环境对我来说是一个巨大的挑战,有很多新东西要学,比如学习如何使用微信、支付宝、淘宝、京东等。这些软件让我很吃惊,更增加了我对中国的兴趣。仅仅几周后,我就逐渐适应了在中国的新生活。

The new way of life, customs, and rich Chinese food greatly attracted my interest. The exceptional food varieties, specifically, had an enduring impact on me. In light of the taste as well as on account of the rich history. There are numerous delightful food varieties I like in China. Every province has its own traditional famous and delicious Chinese food. Having bean curd for breakfast is one of my number one things. One of my first special food encounters here was getting an invitation for a dinner from the school of international education, Guangzhou University, to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my Chinese Teachers, friends, and international students. This was a very important gathering, which gave me a taste of the breadth and depth of Chinese culture. During the 2017 and 2018 Canton Fair, I worked as a volunteer at Guangzhou Subway Station. I was invited to visit the Guangzhou Metro Museum and Guangzhou TV Tower and then spent a pleasant time with everyone in a traditional Chinese restaurant in Guangzhou. This is a good opportunity to truly experience Chinese cuisine and give me a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. In 2021, I started working as an associate professor at the Zhejiang Institute of Science and Technology. I completed my postdoctoral work experience in the historical Nanjing city, where I learned more about Chinese people, history, culture, and language.


In addition to Chinese cuisine, my Chinese teachers and professors had an important influence on my life in Guangzhou. They guided and led me as always, giving me full trust and meticulous care. For example, the senior Teacher Ms. Deng Yuhui and Teacher Yang, of the School of International Education of Guangzhou University, have created many opportunities for me. Let me, as a representative of international students from the Silk Road Youth Messenger Academy, participate in the “2017 Silk Road Youth Forum” International Youth Conference held in Beijing, China in September 2017. I gave a speech on the theme of “Cooperation, Peace, common prosperity and development”, and represented my country and Guangzhou University in April 2018, at the “Silk Road Youth Forum” held in September 2017 in Beijing, China; and then at the “Silk Road” Recitation Conference held in Beijing, China. I and My Kazakh friend jointly led the reading and recitation of “Poem” for the "Belt and Road Youth Forum”.

除了中国美食,我的中文老师、教授对我在杭州的生活也有着重要的影响。他们一如既往地指导和引领我,给予我充分的信任和无微不至的关心。比如,广州大学国际教育学院高级教师邓老师和杨老师,他们给我创造了许多机会,让我作为丝路青年使者代表,参加2017年9月在中国北京举行的“2017丝路青年论坛”国际青年会议,我以“合作、和平、共同繁荣和发展”为题做了演讲;2018 年 4 月,在中国北京举行的“丝路青年读丝路”朗诵大会上,我和我的哈萨克斯坦同学共同领读朗诵诗歌《为“一带一路”而歌》。

The interests, roles, and images of young people are essential to the development of any institution, association, or country. In the current 100 years, years of history and practice have proved that without people's equal serious investment in management activities, regardless of your experience, identity, nationality, direction, and age, an association or organization cannot operate successfully, so it is very important to speak out. I think young Chinese people of my age are very different from their ancestors, thanks to the Chinese government's 100-year modernization and reform and opening-up process. Today's Chinese youth continue to play an indispensable and important role in the changing world climate. They are the essence of the vitality of New China. This is obvious under the ”Belt and Road" initiative. Chinese youth and young expats abroad have carried out effective direct trading activities, which have promoted mutual understanding. The holding of the Beijing “Belt and Road” International Silk Road Youth Forum is a very good and vivid manifestation. We have witnessed that young people from all over the world have developed a strong interest in the development of friendship and mutual exchanges during the forum activities, and have established good relations.


The vigorous development of the ”Belt and Road" has made me full of hope and excitement for the future. Young people have an excellent opportunity to help their country alleviate demand and reshape their agribusiness sector through various related strategies, as can be seen from the development of Minning Town. A key model is the trade project seen in the Jade Winery, where volunteers are invited to the grape plantation for top-down preparations. On the other hand, in the rice fields, people have adopted cunning techniques to welcome tourists and develop nearby crops, thus forming a vibrant agro-ecological tourism industry. In addition, there are creative and logical ways to deal with the collection of mushrooms in the agricultural revolution. Under the management and planning of the Chinese government, to meet individual needs, Minning Town and Ningxia have begun to redefine each industry. Young people play an indispensable role in the development process of Minning Town. They must continue to tap the potential of young people and enhance their self-awareness of working hard for the progress of the country and the common future of mankind.


China has developed rapidly and has begun to establish cooperative organizations with various countries to share innovations, assets, and materials, and establish lasting partnerships through the “Belt and Road” initiative. China has become a leader in the world economy. The Chinese government has formulated many education and scholarship projects to help students from all over the world develop. Pakistan is also among them. The main goal of the project is to create a better future for all countries.

China has grown rapidly as well as begun framing organizations with different nations overall determined to share innovations, assets, and materials, and through the " Belt and Road Initiative " has made durable companionships. China has developed to turn into a world economic leader. Considering this, the Chinese government has made numerous educational and scholarship grant programs that welcome and help students from all the nations including my country, Pakistan to develop, and the main objective is to have a happy future together with all nations.


In my opinion, China's “Belt, and Road” initiative is not only a strong international cooperation project for economic and infrastructure construction but also a way to promote the development of bilateral relations between the two countries such as culture, education, and tourism. In his speech, President Xi repeatedly told us that youth is the future, and one generation has the experience of one generation. Each generation has its responsibilities. Our young people can and should play the role of commandos and pioneers for the construction of the “Belt and Road”, and make significant and important contributions. This is evident in many fields, such as youth entrepreneurship, youth leadership, and the role of youth in the transportation, energy, mining, IT, and communications sectors. I am very much looking forward to the new cooperation model in the coming years. We should continue to uphold the mentality of mutual benefit and create a fair world and a better economic future for all, regardless of nationality or background. Only by working together can we succeed, to create a bright future for ourselves and our next generations.


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, I have witnessed the Chinese government adopt advanced technology and a systematic layout to actively respond to new crown pneumonia and other mutant cases across the country. At that time, the Chinese government built Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan in only 10 days, which was a remarkable achievement. At that time, we were guided and contacted by government agencies promptly to ensure our safety and daily life. This level of management shocked me and deeply felt China's institutional advantages and overall control ability. In the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, young people play an important role in humanitarian cooperation. Under the Internet and various social network platforms, we pay attention to the development of the epidemic, carry out anti-epidemic actions, organize the distribution of materials, and work for hand in hand with young people from all over the world to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Therefore, promoting youth unity and the flow of individual-to-individual transactions has been a major task in the past two years, and remarkable results have been achieved. I am happy to say that I look forward to the development of this cooperation in the coming years. We should continue to uphold the mentality of mutual benefit and create a fair and economic future for all, regardless of nationality or background. Only by working together can we succeed and create a bright future for ourselves and our next generations.


In ancient times, there was a famous Arab proverb, “seek education even if it takes you to China”. At present, although there are still many challenges and obstacles in the education systems of China and Pakistan, China has adopted a more organized approach to dealing with any problems. Just like all the policies launched by the governments of China and Pakistan, they all have the ultimate goal of popularizing basic education and reducing illiteracy rates. This is directly related to the stable growth of the country's economy and the harmonious progress of society. The influence of these policies is huge. We can see that the number of students receiving higher education continues to increase. Another example of successful intergenerational cooperation is the innovative methods of young people to improve the innovation achievements of the older generation while increasing output. China has formed its technical foundation in almost all fields of science and technology and has advanced equipment. It has equipped all laboratories in universities, research institutes, and industries with advanced technologies at home and abroad to strengthen its research and development process. Foreign students can easily find all types of equipment and materials needed for experimental research and analysis in their field of research so that they can complete the project in time. We have seen the use of these methods in fields such as rural revitalization and national digitization. The Internet has promoted economic development and market circulation.


I believe that since the reform and opening up in the early 1980s, tourism has become an important contributor to China's domestic economy. The wealthy middle class, as well as the relaxation of restrictions on the movement of locals and foreign tourists, have stimulated the tourism boom. The Chinese tourism market has become one of the most-watched inbound tourism markets in the world. Chinese is superior to other languages in originality and complexity. The influence of Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi also exceeds that of karate, taekwondo, and Muay Thai. China is not only rich in ethnic minorities, but also rich in diet, tea culture, traditional Chinese medicine, poetry, calligraphy, opera, clothing, porcelain and traditional festival culture. From the majestic palaces to the Great Wall, from the mighty and tidy Terra Cotta Warriors to the Grand Canal of human miracles, from pagodas with a long culture to solemn temples and sacred giant Buddhas, China’s ancient treasures exceed all other countries in scale and quantity. In terms of natural beauty, if calculated as a whole, China is broader, more diverse, and more spectacular than any country in the world. The karst scenery of Guilin's Lijiang River is known as “the best landscape in the world”. For Example, the legendary Huangshan Mountain of Yunhai Qisong, the Rainbow Lake in Jiuzhaigou, the floating stone Peak of Zhangjiajie Pandora, the charming karst terrain of Guilin, the favorite canyon of hikers-Tiger Leaping Gorge, the highest altitude and most majestic plateau in the world-Tibet. Each region has its unique cuisine and culture. Some specialties you should try include Peking Duck, Shanghai Dumplings, Chengdu Spicy hot Pot, Guilin rice noodles, and Hong Kong Dim sum. This cute giant panda has never lived anywhere except in captivity. It is the most precious and endangered species in the world. “National Treasure of China” is highly sought after for its rounded facial features and unique cute appearance. Although China maybe thousands of miles away from you, the transportation is very convenient. Many direct international flights connect major cities around the world with Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities.


I hope that Pakistani youth will strengthen their ties with each other, move forward together, develop together, and work hard for the new era of digitization and globalization.


In the future, I look forward to and am happy to contribute to the cooperation and development of the two countries. We must continue to adopt a win-win mentality to create a fair and sustainable future for all, regardless of country or background. Only by working together for such a goal do we succeed.






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