Online Courses Established for International Students in Response to COVID-19



Due to COVID-19, international students of Guangzhou University unfortunately cannot continue their studies as normal. In response, the university decided to provide Chinese courses online to ensure students from other countries can complete their language learning on time. 

In older to successfully set up online classes for international students, we overcame several challenges which included time differences, internet access, andAPPs installation. With the help of the technical departments of the university, we successfully set up the Chinese online classes on March 2, 2020 by using our Work WeChat APP. Four online courses including Chinese listening, Oral Chinese, Comprehensive Chinese, and HSK Tutoring course were launched. All of these courses were arranged according to the regular Chinese course schedule for the spring term which greatly reduced the anxiety of our international students who were worried about missing their courses.




Theseclasses taught by new technical methods encountered many challenges in the beginning but soon were welcomed by the students with positive feedback. These Chinese courses under the background of COVID-19 weremore vivid and real which helped our students understand China even better. Experience about fighting the virus was also shared through the classes asit impacts the entire world. Online courses have greatly improved our international students’ communication with each other and with our teachers. They said Guangzhou Universityhas built an invisible bridge of care throughout the world.

The online Chinese courses will be maintained this spring term as our students continue their studies.


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