Adjust the Work Focus of Students’ Study-abroad Affairs Based on the Student-oriented Concept


This year, in order to minimize the unfavorable impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on students studying abroad affairs, our school has reacted promptly to adjust the students’ study-abroad programs.At one hand, we suspended initiatively the short-term visit and exchange programs to the countries which suffered from severe epidemics such as Italy, Japan, Canada, and the USA. On the other hand, in accordance with the requirements of “fighting the epidemic nonstop, and implementing the project nonstop”, our school has kept on communicating and negotiating with foreign partner institutions for degree programs that are being implemented, arranging the degree program students to shift to online course study in China so as to ensure their safety as well as proceeding the ongoing projects as planned.


In the new semester, we have shifted our focus into assisting students in getting well prepared before going abroad. In addition to continuing the open courses such as English Training for Study Abroad, German Training for Study Abroad and Ability Development for Study Abroad, our school also offers two public elective courses of International Perspective and International Understanding and Italian. All these courses are aimed at improving students’ comprehensive ability before their studying abroad. The course of International Perspective and International Understanding is a new public elective education course offered by our school this year, which is widely welcomed by students. Nearly 120 students chose this course, and many were attracted to attend this course without previous registration. Most students expressed that they have a keen interest in International Perspective and International Understanding and are happy to study one more foreign language.


Based on the student-oriented concept, our school adjusted the study-abroad program and implementation plan in a timely manner according to the epidemic situation, and focused on improving the curriculum system for students to study abroad to further meet the diverse learning needs of students, thus to help students to improve their language skills and their international vision and understanding as necessary preparation for studying abroad.


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