Wesleyan College of Guangzhou University Welcomes Back Students for their Senior Year





WCGU senior students returned to resume their studies this fall semester on August 29 after an unexpected prolonged winter break.


Under the current conditions of normalized epidemic prevention and control, a series of measures were taken for the health and safety students. All students returning to school were required to report their health daily for two weeks before they returned. After returning, they could not leave campus except for emergencies. In canteens, students queuing in lines are required to maintain required social distances while waiting for food. Students who leave campus for internships are requested to check-in four times each day to record their routes.


Unlike the spring semester, when courses were held completely online due to the pandemic, the fall semester is back to offline learning. After a long separation, both teachers and students feel a sense of belonging as they reunite in classrooms. “This is our final year and we are attending our last several courses in college now. We will cherish this time on campus and waste no time in our study and research. I promised to myself to make the most of every day and greater strides in 2020”, said one student majoring in Economics.


Students in the Psychology major are currently completing an 8-week internship. Some are working in various professional psychological counseling service centers where they assist in personal and group counseling through face-to-face conversations, internet or phone calls while others are working for human resource offices in various companies. “I completed a two-week internship this past spring and my job was answering phone calls from people having psychological problems caused by the pandemic. I learned a lot from practice and felt a sense of achievement. I therefore applied to the counseling center for the summer to achieve even greater training. I believe this special psychological experience of fighting COVID-19 will help me better handle all types of unknown hardships and challenges of fate”, said another student.


Same as each year, the harvest season is coming. Among the 20 senior students, one student has already been recommended to the Economics and Statistics College of Guangzhou University for graduate study and accepted. Despite widespread concerns related to study abroad, eight students are waiting for responses from graduate schools in England, Australia. Japan and other countries. Other students are now preparing for intensive job fairs in October and November.

After: Adjust the Work Focus of Students’ Study-abroad Affairs Based on the Student-oriented Concept